On our third day in Iceland, we reached a beautiful little town called Vik. With its untouched black sands, blue skies, clear waters, basalt cliffs and undulating landscape, it’s as charming as the puffins that roam about in the evenings. During summer, you will also experience the most surreal (and incredibly long!) sunsets due to the sun never really setting.

This little town is so much more than just a stop over. It is an attraction in itself.  It really is a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

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This little Icelandair hotel is, in my humble opinion, as good as you can get in Vík. Set in an idyllic field of lupine against a backdrop of volcanic beauty, what more could you ask for? How about brand new scandinavian inspired furnishings, floor-to-ceiling windows, excellent albeit pricey food, and genuinely friendly staff.

This hotel to me, symbolises Iceland’s recovery from the 2008 financial crisis. Just as the economy has risen, so has the brand new wing of this hotel. I believe it showcases the best that Vik has to offer, and makes an excellent base to explore the area. Even the old wing has been completely refurbished and is perfectly comfortable. Of particular note is the inviting hot and strong shower – I absolutely despise showers where the water pressure resembles that of a canine marking its territory.

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I highly recommend making a stop here for a night or two on your travels around this wild landscape. Make sure you book in advance as it’s becoming popular and for good reasons. The hotel can be booked through the usual suspects such as booking.com and expedia, so try and save a bit on the rates by using one of the frequent discount codes. Also when booking, be mindful that the old wing is called Hotel Edda Vik but may show photos of the new building. The new wing is Icelandair Hotel Vik.

I’m wearing: Country Road parka, jumper and scarf, Bettina Liano jeans, Isabel Marant sneakers.  

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  1. Your photos are amazing, they’ve re-ignited my travel bug!


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