Bonjour everyone! A big hello from Pareeee! Whenever I see the Eiffel tower it always brings back memories of my first visit to Paris during my uni days with my runners and backpack.  I was crowding with all the other tourists pushing and shoving in the lifts to get up the Eiffel tower like a wide-eyed crazy tourist who hadn’t seen the world. I remembered how amazing the views were from above and how beautiful the tower stood, in perfect geometrical harmony with the rest of the city streets. Every time I visit Paris I make a visit to the Eiffel tower for a photo stop and this trip was no exception.


My Outfit:

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  1. Loving the shorter hair! And love the outfit! I miss Paris!

  2. Love the colours in your outfit – very chic!

  3. Elle, where are you standing in this Picture? Ive seen this spot in magazines etc. so many times, but when I was in Paris last, I simply couldnt find it!

    • Hi Jennifer, I’m actually not quite sure what this place is called. Let me see if I can locate it on the map and get back to you! Soz for the late reply!


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