J’s BIG 3-0 Surprise Birthday Party!

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 There’s one thing I forgot to add to my 2013 list. I organised a surprise 30th birthday party for J a week before our wedding. I think I was already on auto pilot at that stage and feeling a little mental. Thankfully Cumulus Inc took care of everything and the service was just superb. Their function room was a little art gallery just right next to the restaurant and it was the perfect venue for the party of about 30 guests. The table arrangements, menu and drinks were all taken care of. I also hired a jazz trio (Downtime Jazz) to play some contemporary tunes during pre dinner drinks. They were fabulous!

Startwithblack J 30

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For those of you who don’t know J, he is quite the geek. I think his number one passion is computers. However, according to him his number one passion is cars. To be fair, when I first set foot in his bedroom, there were no posters of swimsuit models (or computers haha) anywhere in sight but instead, there were posters of cars. Everywhere. His ultimate dream car is a Ferrari and so for his birthday I got one of my friends (who is an extremely talented cake maker) to make J a little Ferrari cake. Isn’t the car just too cute?

J’s dad. He is one of a kind. I have never met anyone like J’s dad. Outspoken, confident, funny with a touch of arrogance for good measure. You’ll want him around for your dinner parties. Trust me. I think they look so alike albeit with different personalities.

Lastly, just a big thank you to all our friends who attended and made this surprise party all the more memorable.

I wore: Lover serpent dress, Hermes clic clac bracelet, Chanel reissue. 


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