A Glimpse of Paradise and Poverty


This was not my first time in Thailand. In fact, this was not even my first time in Phuket. However, it has been quite a while between visits. Having been brought up in Malaysia, I am used to pollution and I would not even blink twice at the thought of eating at hawker stores (even next to drains sometimes! I know, yuk right?) because I grew up eating hawker food. I pride myself on having a polluted and hence “strong” stomach. I am also used to seeing a family of four with 2 children under the age of 5 sandwiched between their parents on a tiny motorbike travelling with no helmets in Malaysia’s crazy traffic. Back then, I always thought that that was the norm. Poverty was just a part of everyday life and scenes like that never really made a strong impact on me because it was everywhere. This probably explains why my previous memory of Phuket is quite an ordinary one.  However this time around, Phuket definitely made an impact on me. 

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