Mornington with the girls


Meeting new friends is always exciting. When one of my friends asked me to join her and 3 of her friends for a girlie trip to Mornington, I could hardly wait. It is always so refreshing to meet new people, hear their stories and wonder how all our paths managed to cross bringing us together in this moment. When you think about it, there are billions of people in this world and for you to meet new friends, all from different parts of the world but somehow ending up in Australia on this one trip to Mornington – it’s rather chancy.

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Sky House at Mount Macedon

Startwithblack Mount Macedon-12

 2014 hasn’t exactly started off with a bang. J and I have been so busy painting and fixing up our investment property that we haven’t actually had a proper rest. Feeling a little tired and fatigued, the heat is also giving me stubborn heat rashes that just won’t go away and it is now proving to be a real annoyance. So when J left for Hong Kong for one of his best friend’s bucks, I decided to join a few friends on a relaxing trip to Mount Macedon for the Australia day long weekend. We booked a beautiful little cottage called “The Skyhouse“.

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Travel Post – Ski Trip 2012

I first started skiing about 5 years ago and Falls Creek was the chosen destination for my virgin snow experience. I still remember putting on my first pair of terribly heavy and unreasonably uncomfortable hire ski boots and thinking “why the hell would anyone pay so much money to torture themselves like this?” Things couldn’t have gotten off to a better start either with my first ever skiing lesson taking place in a crazy blizzard. Fifty dozen stacks later (getting tangled up in skis was not fun!) I was totally drenched and threw a massive hissy fit deciding to quit and eat lunch instead! I was pretty darn adamant that I would never ski again.

Obviously my conviction did not last because fast forward five years later and I’m back once again at Falls Creek – but however this time well equipped with my own ski gear (including a helmet for that ‘pro’ skier look lol) and actually enjoying hitting the slopes! There is just something about the snow I love, perhaps it is the crisp air or perhaps it is the amazing scenery and it is something you can’t fully enjoy unless you were on a pair of skis exploring the mountain. I have to thank the boy and all my friends for being ever so patient with me on the slopes otherwise I would have probably given up skiing altogether five years ago!


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Travel Post – Stones of the Yarra Valley

These photos were taken several weeks ago when it was raining and absolutely freezing. I took my parents to Stones of the Yarra Valley for lunch and this was actually the first time I ever took them out for something other than BIG portioned asian food – just the way they like it – so I was taking a BIG risk! haha. It was quite an amusing experience as they could not comprehend half the menu.

Conversations during lunch:-
Dad: What is errr…peca..roni??
Me: Dad, it’s pecorino.
Mum: What is rhubarb?
Dad: Why is the menu so funny?

But I think they had a good time nonetheless. The food was rather decent and the interior was beautifully rustic – I would probably go back again. I was wearing my bullet proof Burberry Duffle coat and it REALLY was bullet proof! Yes, that little thing next to the craaaazyyyy tree in the first pic was me!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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Easter in Sydney

Shopped till we dropped with my friend Momo!

Best breakkie everrrrrrrrrrrrrr….

 More shopping at Westfield!

My faveeeee shop in Sydney! They gave us Charlotte Olympia heels to try on and now I must have a pair! They elongate your legs like crazy!

Twirling around Circular Quay in my Serpent -more photos to come soon!!


We went to China Doll in Woolloomooloo for dinner and saw Zac Efron! It was apparently a covert operation and none of the paparazzi knew he was there. He was there with his crew and possibly his family. He has the bluest eyes EVER! Momo won’t let me take a photo with him she wanted me to be the “cool” fan…haha

Tried port for the first time ever thanks to Momo I now crave for it after dinner all the time but it has to be the “Grandfather” port!

Amazing fireworks at the apartment!

Dude at The Rocks singing his heart out….we bought his cd =)

And that’s a wrap!


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Outfit Post – Day at Daylesford

My boy and I took a stroll by the Lakehouse in Daylesford. It is such a beautiful and tranquil place. Congratulations to Pat and Lucy who got married at the Convent. Restaurant recommendations at Daylesford are:

1. Wombat House – Amazing breakfast! The ambience is just so lovely and quaint. Try the breakfast pizza!

2. The Farmer’s Arm – We had such a lovely lunch there – the snapper with rocket salad was to die for!

3. Breakfast and beer – Don’t be fooled by the name – they don’t just serve breakfast! Dinner was absolutely delicious but it is quite a small place so bookings are essential. The duck dish is a must!


My Outfit:

▪ White Suede Leather jacket
▪ Country Road soft tapered pants
▪ Country Road coral top
▪ Gorman Scarf
▪ Wittner Shoes
▪ Prada Aviators
▪ Michael Kors Watch

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