Zimmermann Ceramic Halter Frill Bikini

Startwithblack Maldives Zimmermann Halter Ceramic Bikini-9

I’ve only ever bought bikinis in the bandeau style because I don’t like tan lines on my skin but as you know, sometimes style comes first and practicality goes out the door! I just love the cropped top styled bikinis that are out there at the moment. It provides more coverage and can be worn with a pair shorts in and around the resort and not just at the beach. Maybe it’s practical after all!

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Zimmermann Tank Dress

Startwithblack Maldives Zimmermann Halter-2

It has been nearly 2 months since coming back from the Maldives. The weather is dull and dreary in Melbourne at the moment so I thought I’d share some 30 degree sunshine with you today. I’m currently still working on my Maldives travel diary Part II – it will contain all the information you need to know about travelling to the Maldives from flights to things to do to to costs. Hopefully it will help you plan your future trip to the Maldives!

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Dion Lee II

Startwithblack Maldives Dion Lee_-3

My bestie bought me this Dion Lee Toga top as part of her bridesmaid’s outfit and it has become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe! I mean, how often do you get to re-wear your bridesmaid gear? I absolutely adore the beautiful detailing at the back of this top. Recently, I have really started to appreciate the work that goes into designs like this. I have started my own business and it is only now that I realised how hard it is to actually bring ideas to life and a garment to fruition. Designers that can create garments like these from scratch are so talented and have my utmost respect.

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Shopbop – the Family and Friends event

There are few things I enjoy more than spending time with friends and family. What could be better? Shopping with friends and family!

Welcome to the Shopbop Family and Friends event. For the next three days only, Shopbop is on sale, with a massive 25% off storewide! Enter the discount code SPRING25 when checking out.

Shopbop family and friends sale


There’s plenty to like on Shopbop at the moment. We’re obviously heading into winter in the southern hemisphere, and I’ve just come back from a Canadian winter wonderland – try a fresh -40c in the Yukon!!! Here’s a few recommendations.

One staple that you should have in your closet this winter is a good down jacket. Their primary job is retaining heat, and it’s a job they do well. Shopbop has quite a few stylish selections:

Mackage Tabita JacketMackage Yara Down JacketAdd Down Coat
From left to right: Mackage Tabita Jacket, Mackage Yara Down Jacket, Add Down Jacket

If you’re looking for a gift or present for your boyfriend or husband, East Dane is also on sale. Adding SPRING25 at checkout will also give you 25% off, and is valid for the next FIVE days. Get to it!

Unfortunately there are some excluded brands – click here for deets: Shopbop and East Dane.


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photo-5 copy

I’m so happy the Shopbop sale has arrived – just in time for my upcoming trip to the Maldives! I missed out on going to the Maldives last year to celebrate our first year anniversary due to health issues so I’m really happy that we can go this year. As you’d expect, I’ve had my eyes on a few things to bring with me!

The sale starts today and runs through to Sunday 8 March 2015.
You save 15% with purchases over $250
You save 20% with purchases over $500
You save 25% with purchases over $1000

USE CODE: BIGEVENT15 at checkout!




A. Zimmermann Porcelain Embroidery Romper – I really do believe that a cute little playsuit is a must for any resort holiday and Zimmermann is one of my favourite brands when it comes to playsuits. I love this particular playsuit because it is so girly and intricately made.

B. CM Cia Maritima – I love the colour of this bikini and the shape is so sexy.

C. Zimmermann Pivot Vortex One Piece Swimsuit – I’ve never been a big fan of one piece swimsuits due to tan lines but this white one piece just looks so hot and you can just wear shorts over it to double up as a top and prance around the resort. *wink*

D. Zimmermann Rayon Tank Dress - In addition to a playsuit you must bring at least one maxi dress. I am in love with the neckline of this dress and also the print. This dress is already on sale so you get a further discount with the code!

E. Hat Attack The Original Panama Fedora – You obviously can’t leave without a hat. The downside of bringing a straw hat is that you won’t be able to store it in your suitcase.

F. Zimmermann Pivot Vortex Bikini Set – Just like the one piece in white, I also love this two piece in black. I seem to have this condition where I need everything in 2 colours!

G. Ancient Greek Sandals Clio Two Band Sandal – There are so many gorgeous sandals on Shopbop at the moment but I like this two coloured pair in particular.

Whilst shopping for items for my trip, I got a little side tracked…just a little..and thought I’d share these items with you.

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Scanlan Theodore

AAMI stadium

Hello everyone! I sincerely apologise for the lack of updates. I have been a bit greedy, taking a bit of time out to enjoy life. Sometimes I wish was Barry Allen so that I could just get all of life’s chores out of the way and done in a Flash! But alas, superpowers I do not have but I’ll settle for the ability to find great pieces. Like this Scuba dress from Scanlan. Personally I think it is such a sexy dress.

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