Ask Us Anything Answered – Alexander McQueen Scarf!

Anonymous asked: Hi, I’m trying to justify buying an Alexander McQ scarf. I’ve been eyeing one for a while but can’t seem to justify my purchase. I really like it though …what do you think?

It’s McQueen! No justification required! =)

 Get it if:
1) You’ve been eyeing this scarf for longer than 3 months;
2) You LOVE this scarf not just ‘like’
3) You know you will wear it ALOT;
4)You love wearing scarves – McQueen scarves are the epitome of all scarves!;
5) You can still afford to eat after buying it;
6) You can promise yourself not to buy anything for the rest of the month.

Lastly – they are also surprisingly practical. The lightness of the material means you can wear it almost any time of year and dress up even the simplest of outfits.

If you decide to buy it – you must watch this video on how to wear it!

Hope this helps! =)


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