Travel Post – Stones of the Yarra Valley

These photos were taken several weeks ago when it was raining and absolutely freezing. I took my parents to Stones of the Yarra Valley for lunch and this was actually the first time I ever took them out for something other than BIG portioned asian food – just the way they like it – so I was taking a BIG risk! haha. It was quite an amusing experience as they could not comprehend half the menu.

Conversations during lunch:-
Dad: What is errr…peca..roni??
Me: Dad, it’s pecorino.
Mum: What is rhubarb?
Dad: Why is the menu so funny?

But I think they had a good time nonetheless. The food was rather decent and the interior was beautifully rustic – I would probably go back again. I was wearing my bullet proof Burberry Duffle coat and it REALLY was bullet proof! Yes, that little thing next to the craaaazyyyy tree in the first pic was me!

Hope you all had a good weekend!


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