Sky House at Mount Macedon

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 2014 hasn’t exactly started off with a bang. J and I have been so busy painting and fixing up our investment property that we haven’t actually had a proper rest. Feeling a little tired and fatigued, the heat is also giving me stubborn heat rashes that just won’t go away and it is now proving to be a real annoyance. So when J left for Hong Kong for one of his best friend’s bucks, I decided to join a few friends on a relaxing trip to Mount Macedon for the Australia day long weekend. We booked a beautiful little cottage called “The Skyhouse“.

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Startwithblack Skyhouse

Being paranoid by nature, I was actually worried about whether we should be going to Mount Macedon due to bush fires.

This was my exchange with one of my good friends Jen during our 44 degree heatwave:

Me: Are you sure it is going to be ok? What if it is 45 degrees next week as well? We are up in the hill somewhere!

Jen: Nah nah, it’s going to be fine. Don’t worry. I’m more worried about the house burning down now.

Me: Why would you be worried about that?

Jen: Well, if it is burnt down now, don’t you think it is a bit insensitive asking for a refund?

We were clearly not thinking along the same lines! haha

As it turned out, it was not that hot when we arrived at Mount Macedon and we actually needed to start the fireplace on our first night!

I’m wearing: Rag and Bone denim jacket, Maurie and Eve dress, Mulberry bracelet, Balenciaga bag, Steve Madden sandals

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We took a side trip to the beautiful Lakehouse in Daylesford for lunch and the food was just delicious – especially that cabbage thing. As my friend Jen just got engaged we sussed out whether the Lakehouse would be a good wedding venue. We did a tour of the property and looked at a few ceremony sites and also the reception venue. The ceremony venue by the lake, in my opinion, is rather beautiful. However, I don’t think it beats the botanical gardens. The reception venue was a bit of a disappointment. There weren’t enough windows and the venue itself just did not look impressive at all. We did not like the carpet and the artwork in the room was also not coherent. I lost interest in about 5 minutes. Everything about the room just felt a bit disjointed.

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We decided to go hiking the next day and of course, I didn’t bring any “hiking” appropriate gear. I packed a million and one things except for hiking gear. The boys raced ahead whilst we just took our time, played with our cameras and chit chatted along the way. It was quite an easy trail and I felt so good after the walk. I definitely need to exercise more often!

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Startwithblack Hanging Rock

I have never been to Hanging Rock. The only thing I knew about Hanging Rock was that some girls went there for a picnic and disappeared and were never found. We tried watching “Picnic at Hanging Rock” the night before so we would understand what all the mystery was about… we fell asleep almost instantly. haha.

I wore: Uniqlo tee, Asos culottes, Cotton On hat 


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