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 I know I know, I haven’t posted photos of my wedding day yet – they will be coming soon! But in the mean time, here are some “post” wedding photos.

Technically speaking, these were supposed to be “pre-wedding” photos. As I mentioned in my previous post, I had a second wedding reception in Malaysia where most of my extended family still resides. We had our reception at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur and as part of the package we scored a free trip to Phuket and also this photoshoot with Jim Liaw. Jim is apparently quite a well-renowned photographer in Malaysia (with studios in Perth and London as well) and charges a bomb per shoot. We stayed at the Hilton Arcadia Resort (of course) in Phuket and the resort was the location for the shoot. 

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Startwithblack_Post wedding photos phuket_big 

Let’s talk a minute about photographers. I have to be honest – I have only ever worked with 3 photographers in my life. For those of you getting married and looking for a photographer, the first thing you have to decide is what style of photography you prefer. Your choice basically boils down to two styles: candid or posed. Candid essentially tries to capture you in a natural state, documenting the day. Posed is essentially the opposite, where a lot of shots will be structured and scripted. I’ve heard of one photographer taking half an hour to set up for each shot!

So what about Jim Liaw? This dude is full of personality. He is so funny and has 5000 (ok maybe not 5000, but at least 5) assistants following him around carrying his gear and helping to set up each shot. He made a 5 hour shoot seem like a 1 hour shoot as shooting with him was so much fun. He teaches you how to pose, where to put your hand, how to curve your body, where to look and fixes your dress to make sure you get the perfect shot. At the same time however he doesn’t take painfully long with each shot. The above photos were taken in our room as warm up shots where he taught me how to “pose”. It was hilarious! With my other 2 photographers I barely even realised that they were even there sometimes – it was mainly free flowing with minimal guidance.


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The result of these photos is quite different from my pre wedding and wedding photos. Allow me to explain by first telling you a few things about myself. I was born in Malaysia to chinese parents, but during my childhood moved back and forth between Malaysia and Australia quite a lot. When I turned 15 we finally moved to Australia for good. Despite going to an International school whilst in Malaysia I can still sometimes be a bit fobby (i.e asian) because I did grow up in asia after all. For some reason, I find these photos a bit fobby. I’m not sure if it’s the “subjects” themselves looking fobby or the style of photography. Despite having so much fun shooting with Jim I’m not entirely sure that I am into this style of photography. Don’t get me wrong because there really is no right or wrong, but it is just a personal preference. His work reminded me of Yervant, a popular Melbourne wedding photographer – who incidentally also charges a bomb per shoot! Personally, I think I still prefer a more natural candid style.

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The sunset part of the shoot was absolutely ridiculous but still fun at the same time. Everyone was in their swimwear whilst I pranced around with J in my ridiculously long Lisa Ho dress, busting out a few dance moves, all the while with Jim and his 5000 assistants shouting out directions. It was insane and all the people at the beach were staring at us and I knew exactly what they were thinking (why would anyone fly a million miles to another country just for a few great wedding shots) – because I was one of them!

I am wearing Carla Zampatti dress in white (I also wore this dress as my tea ceremony dress as opposed to a traditional cheongsam)  – similar here and here – this Tibi dress is so gorgeous.


Lisa Ho dress in red – similar here and here (I wore this as an evening gown at my wedding reception)




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    • Thanks Diana! How are you?


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