Mornington with the girls


Meeting new friends is always exciting. When one of my friends asked me to join her and 3 of her friends for a girlie trip to Mornington, I could hardly wait. It is always so refreshing to meet new people, hear their stories and wonder how all our paths managed to cross bringing us together in this moment. When you think about it, there are billions of people in this world and for you to meet new friends, all from different parts of the world but somehow ending up in Australia on this one trip to Mornington – it’s rather chancy.














 Our day started out at the Willow Creek Winery for some fancy food and ended at Walrus Restaurant in Springvale for some real food. I am not one who can live without rice for a day. After the winery we were all craving for noodles and rice! We are such asians, no wonder we connected. In between satisfying our digestive desires, we dropped by Rye for some Vitamin D and a good heart to heart about our lives and careers. 

So what do us girls want from our lives and careers after 5 years in the workforce? A Birkin? No, we are not quite there yet. Plus, not everyone wants a Birkin. Well, maybe except for me. In the past, I thought every girl’s dream was to own a Birkin because that’s the bag that announces “I’ve made it” AND you can’t carry one unless you have REALLY made it. But in actual fact, we are all different in terms of what we want for our future. One of the girls would like to open up her own firm one day whereas another is happy with a comfortable life where she gets to spend time with her other half.

So what do I want?  I am a fickle person. My goals in life constantly change at different stages of my life. What is important to me now may not be as important to me in even a year’s time. However, one common theme arose and that’s money. No one likes to talk about ‘it’  and people often judge you for wanting more of ‘it’. However, it is undeniable that what you want to do in the future really depends on how much of ‘it’ you have. Our working life is limited and we all have a finite amount of time to earn ‘it’. So for the time being I just want to make as much of ‘it’ as I can so I can figure out what I want to do in the future and hopefully not splash it on a Birkin BEFORE I make it!

I am wearing: Zimmermann Sundance Day Dress, Winsor Smith sandals, Celine bag and sunnies, Seafolly bathers


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