Our stay in Santorini wasn’t all sun and blue skies. In fact, on the day we arrived we could not see a single thing. The whole caldera was covered by a weird mist. The locals had never seen anything like it and it was definitely something out of the ordinary.  J and I just looked at each other thinking “Shit. This must be karma for all those times we laughed at our friends that visited Queensland and only ever saw rain.  HOW is it even POSSIBLE that there be no sun in SANTORINI???”.  So this got me thinking. Do I believe in karma? Does anyone else actually believe in karma??


Most of my friends are staunch believers in the concept of karma. They believe that anything bad you do now will always come back to bite you in the arse. I used to believe in karma too, but I’m not so sure that I do now. Perhaps as life goes on, I see more bad things people do. My experiences have lead me to believe that people who do bad things or who are utterly selfish are the people that in the end, wind up getting what they want. They are the people who will sleep better, eat better and probably outlive you as they are the ones continually taking advantage of other people without feeling a single ounce of guilt. On the other hand, the people that try to do the right thing are usually the people who get hurt in the process because they are the ones who are being used and taken advantage of. 

The weird ‘mist’ only lasted half a day.

So what do you think? Is there really such a thing as karma?

Wearing: Rag and Bone sweater (similar here), Zara skirt (similar here), Isabel Marant Bobbys, Hat purchased from a shop in Santorini (similar here)


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  1. Amazing pics and post Elle!

    I’m like you, I use to believe in karma but as I’ve met more people I realise many people get away with doing bad things or some do get further by taking advantage of others.

    In saying that, I don’t want to do anything that’s against what I believe in, not because I’m waiting for good karma to come around but because I want to be able to sleep at night and happy with the person I am.

    • Thanks Jenny! =) I totes agree with you..I think most of them do get further in life by taking advantage of other people and they can still sleep like a baby at night. But you are right, it takes a certain kind of people to be able to do that. As for us, we should just stick to what we believe it. Thanks for dropping by, it is always lovely to hear from you! Love, Elle =)


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