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After travelling in Europe for 2 months we finally landed in Santorini, Greece.  If you have travelled to Europe before, you will know how sad some hotel continental breakfasts can be. The fare usually consists of some pastries, hard boiled eggs and cheese all seemingly underpinned by days old bread. Not exactly the best way to remember a romantic European holiday by! 

Enter the Grace Santorini.

The breakfast at the Grace was spectacular. HELLO! This is how European hospitality should be! A typical breakfast rundown (it changes daily) looked a little something like this:

1) Coffee / Tea / Champagne

2) Selection of freshly baked breads served with homemade jam, butter and Greek wild flower honey

3) Greek summer fruit smoothie with watermelon and melon

4) Greek yoghurt with toasted walnuts and pine tree honey

5) Homemade feta cheese pie with sundried tomatoes in filo pastry

6) Traditional Starapatsada – scrambled eggs with tomato and onion on toasted country bread and Mykonian sausage

7) Traditional Rizogalo – Cinamon dusted vanilla rice pudding with marinated dry fruits. 

The menu changes everyday and it is MADE FRESH TO ORDER and you can have it ALL. 

It’s the kind of stuff that Masterchef contestants probably dream of when they sleep.

I was in heaven. Total bliss.  The Grace Santorini is undeniably one of the best hotels I’ve ever stayed in.

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We stayed at the Grace Suite which comes equipped with its own steam room, indoor spa and hot tub – just awesome.  A small treat consisting of either fruits or greek dessert delivered every late afternoon had us spending all day and night at the hotel. The staff were extremely helpful and our whole stay at Grace was just fabulous. Food is so important to me when I travel – good food is all I need to be happy – and the Grace delivered in spades!




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