Travel Companions


 My two favourite travel companions hands down are my Balenciaga City Bag and Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers. They are probably the best value for money items I’ve bought in terms of cost per wear, having worn them all over Europe during my honeymoon and also my recent trip to the Baltic and Iceland. Definitely money well spent. 



Balenciaga City

This bag is lightweight and big enough to hold almost everything I need when I travel. The wrinkled leather also means the bag is very durable and not easily scratched so you won’t have to be too precious with it when you are travelling. Did I mention that it’s also light in weight?

Other alternatives  


Isabel Marant Bobby Sneakers

These wedged sneakers match almost EVERYTHING I pack into my suitcase. Jeans, pants, skirts and even dresses. The added wedge gives the added height without the discomfort.

2014-08-16 10.04.45 am 

Other alternatives

I’m also recently obsessed with these slip on sneakers which I think work just as well at a fraction of the cost!



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  1. I thought Jon would be your favourite travel companion ;)

    • Haha well Jon too :)

  2. hello, i love your skirt.. where did you get it?

    • Hi! The skirt is actually a ‘skort’ – a cross between a skirt and shorts and I got them from Zara. I’ve noticed that ASOS has started selling some here and so has Shopbop here. Hope that helps!


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