How to – Mix and Match Florals

It’s Spring!
With the blustery blues and blacks of winter officially now behind us, it’s time to welcome the return to warmer Spring temperatures. One way to express your appreciation for the new season is by incorporating some botanical floral prints into your daily outfit. Florals were all the rage at New York Spring Fashion Week 2012 and our local Australian designers are also releasing their take on this classical look. Here are some tips to get started!

Floral bottoms
Pairing a pair of floral shorts, pants or skirts with a plain white or colored top can really make for a great clean versatile look. Wear it to the office or to a catch up with the girls!

Floral Tops
If you’re in a more casual mood throw on a floral printed shirt and again contrast it with some plain pants or shorts.

Floral Blazers
This season designers are also releasing blazers in botanical floral prints. These blazers are true statement pieces sure to catch even the laziest eye!

 Full Floral
As we head into the Spring racing carnival season, don’t be afraid to go all out with a full floral print outfit. The caveat here is to make sure the prints don’t clash.

Floral Suit
Finally, if you are feeling particularly bold, why not try wearing a full suit in the one print for a bit of fun!


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