Wedding shoes dilemma!
I’ve been looking at wedding shoes diligently for a couple of months now but I just cannot make up my mind. I need to decide on a pair of shoes in order to get my dress altered. My tailor would not alter my dress until I decide on the heel height at the very least! Initially, I was determined on wearing a pair of red soles but now I’m not so sure anymore.

I want a pair of shoes that I would wear again and again long after the wedding is over if only to serve as a reminder of my special day every time I put them on. Hence, I’m a little skeptical about the “White” selection as I don’t think I would wear them again even if it matches my wedding dress.

1. Miu Miu – Satin Peep-Toe Pumps
2. Valentino – Satin and Crystal- Embroidered Lace Pumps
3.  Christian Louboutin – Milady 85 Satin-Covered Leather pumps
4. Giuseppe Zanotti – Rosette-embellished Satin Sandals

I would probably wear the “Nude” selection on a normal day to day basis the most but I really really don’t know if it would suit my dress. I personally love those Valentino studded leather sandals but my bridesmaids don’t think it’s the best idea!

1.  Valentino – Patent-Leather Bow Pumps 
2.  Valentino – Studded leather sandals

The “Metallic” selection would probably go with my dress the best as the top half of my dress is heavily beaded with silver and beige beads. I, however, cannot really decide whether I want open toe or closed toe shoes. I hate deciding.

1. Jimmy Choo – Nova Glittered Gather Slingbacks
2. Christian Louboutin – Very Richer 120 Swarovski Crystal Suede Pumps
3. Badley Mischka – Viola Sandals
4. Jimmy Choo – Vikki Glitter-finished leather pumps
5. Christian Louboutin – Au Palace 120 Swarovski crystal-embellished sandals
6. Badgley Mischka – Vita Bow Pumps

 Which pair do you like the best? I will keep you updated on my shoe dillema!


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  1. Hi Elle.
    Ooh. How exciting! Congratulations on your engagement by the way. I LOVE the red soled shoes. It would add an extra pop to the whole outfit; not obvious, but just there. If you’re unsure though, I also like the Vita Bow Pumps. have you started dress shopping yet?
    Rowena x

    • Hey Rowena!! Thank you Thank you! MEEE too! I love the red soles too! I think it would be amazing to see a pop of red every time I lift the dress up. You are absolutely right – it’s like subtle but there! The Vita Bow Pumps are nice too but I think they are sold out of my size. YES YES! I went everywhere to look for a dress! I think I must have tried on about 50 dresses! It’s crazy – but I actually think wedding dresses are kind of ugly! Well at least the ones i’ve seen anayways. The decent ones are like 10k plus!
      Elle xoxo

  2. What an exciting dilemma!!! :-) One of my friends got married a couple of years ago and chose a blood red satin Louboutin peeptoe pair to wear with her wedding dress, and she has worn the shoes again and again since then with other outfits. Is there a particular colour that you like? It would be a nice change perhaps from the usual neutral tones, if you’re into that kind of thing anyway!

    • Hi Beth!! Oh wow! Blood red satin Louboutin! I’ve actually never thought about that! I’ve been looking at all the neutrals and haven’t really thought about the colors so far. OH NO! More to think about!!! haha I’m really glad to hear your friend got to wear her shoes again and again – I mean these shoes ain’t cheap so have to try and get as much wear out of them as possible!! I think I like silver as it would probably match my dress the most. Thanks for dropping by =))))

  3. For the white I like the top 2. So it would come down to heel height and comfortability for the day!

    I wasn’t feeling the nude selections, but that’s just me :P

    All the metallics were nice but you said urself Louboutins although beautiful aren’t that comfy?? I think you nee to go for comfort here or just get wasted so you don’t feel a thing!! ;)

    • Chrissy!!! I like a White Valentino too but I don’t see myself wearing it again. The miu mius are a little too short – I need a bit of height! hahahaha help me get wasted pleaseeeee!! =)

  4. Congratulations, My advice I think you should get the Tony Bianco “Ajana” in either white, bone or nude. It’s just such a versatile shoe. I love them. What do you think? So similar to the CL Pigalle.

    Oh or wear your Azzure (sky blue) Ajana’s, you need something blue on your Wedding day. :)

    • Hi Debster!! Thank you for your comment =)) The Ajanas do look very similar to the Pigalle and I do love them but I don’t think I’ll last the whole day in them as they are quite tall! I wish I could last longer in high heels! I don’t actually own a pair of Ajanas but Mel has the Sky Blue ones! =)) Thanks for dropping by =))

  5. So happy to read that you’re tying the knot!!! :D I can’t wait to read on your special day! With such great fashion sense and style that you have, I’m sure that we readers can expect to see pictures of you looking ever so stunning as usual in your future blog post on your wedding! Can’t wait! With your sense of style, you’d definitely be able to execute this bride-role so well you’d be inspiring future brides! :)

    Based on your style in shoes from what I’ve observed in your previous fashion posts, for the white, I think you’d look great in either the Valentino or Christian Louboutin. The white Valentino one will definitely be more special as it has the satin and crystal-embroided lace touches which gives that extra “oomph” to your dress as it’s very fairy-tale like and elegant! :) You’d never go wrong with Christian Louboutin and it can also be worn on other occasions after your big day as it is more simple.

    For the nude section, I feel that both Valentinos look equally great but the 1st one with bow just gives a more feminine feel while the 2nd one gives a more rock-chic urban feel. In my opinion, I think that the 1st Valentino nude one will go better with a wedding gown as it will compliment the gown better with its femininess. Whereas the 2nd one is more out-of-the-ordinary shoe for weddings, it gives the dress a more rocker chic feel.

    Ah…the Metallic shoes…all so beautiful… :) The shoe that I think will suit you best among all the Metallic shoes are the Christian Louboutin Very Richer shoes. These shoes will definitely elongate your legs also giving you that extra height and is perfect as it will go well with the top half of your wedding dress! :D The peep toe gives a hint of sexiness and elegance to it as well and the crystals will definitely be dazzling on your feet when you walk down that aisle! :D These Richer basically just completes your dress, it gives a very princess-like and glamourous feel to it and will definitely be reminiscent of your wedding day as this shoe will definitely stand out from the rest of your shoes in your wardrobe, just like how your wedding gown will stand out from all the rest of your dresses in your wardrobe, just like how your wedding day is like the highlight of your life. Definitely something that is special and evokes the thought of your wedding day! :D It is also versatile as you can wear it with jeans, a cute skirt or a dress for the future during posh and/or fancy special occasions, it will definitely add that extra spark to your outfit! ;) A more dressy shoe! :D

    • Hi Grace!! You are too kind – I will definitely post some photos of my wedding day =) Thank you for taking your time to give me such detailed advice! I truely appreciate your words and agree with everything you said about the shoes! =). For the “White” selection – my faves are indeed the CL and the Valentinos. The CL heel height being 85mm is probably a good height (even though I would prefer to look taller, 85mm is probably a more sensible height) and gives that pop of red. The Valentinos are beautiful as well with the crystal-embroidered lace.

      With the Nudes – the one with the rock studs – my friends were like “are you going clubbing with those shoes?” haha So yeah I don’t think I”m actually ‘allowed’ to wear them hahaha therefore the bow one would have been more suitable for the wedding out of the two.

      Those CL Richie shoes were my favourite out of the lot but at 2000 pounds a pop, I have to give them some serious consideration. My dress is actually quite cinderella-esque so the shoes would match perfectly and gives that fairytale feel but it is really the price that I’m concerned about! haha

      My bridesmaid also sent me pictures of some Chanel shoes which they think would go with my dress and that I can wear them over and over again! I will be posting that up soon!!

      Thank you again for your comment!

      Elle xoxo

  6. Valentino Bow Pumps and Jimmy Choo’s Vikki Glitter are pretty although the bow pumps look more like a working shoes. all are nice!


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