Sindy and Matt’s Wedding

Sindy and Matt wedding a

Sindy is one of my oldest and bestest friends. We met in high school and I’ve always treasured Sindy as she is probably the most helpful and easy going person that I know. Anything you need, whether it be advice or favour Sindy will always be there to lend a helping hand. I am so happy that she found the man of her dreams, Matt.  I already know that together, they will be a very successful couple. 

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Sindy and Matt wedding

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The wedding ceremony and reception was held at the intimate function room at True South, a latin american restaurant in Black Rock. Being Asian, I’m usually invited to really massive weddings. Massive as in 400 to 600 guests! So it was nice for a change to be invited to a more intimate wedding. The function room was minimalist with white lanterns and pendant lights hanging from the ceiling. The wedding felt honest, genuine and heart warming, just like the Sindy I know.  The room, whilst being small, actually functioned very well. It was bright and airy and there were no big columns blocking anyone’s view . One thing I have to mention was the food – it was absolutely delicious! The suckling pig was the highlight of the dishes. No dry chicken breast here!

As Matt is Thai he had a few friends and family fly over from Thailand to attend the wedding. On our table, we had someone named “Gift” and also someone named “Gap”. Initially we thought one of the seats was meant for gifts and the other was just a gap between seats! As it turned out, they were Matt’s best friends from Thailand who were just the loveliest people ever. Thai people I tell you, can REALLY REALLY drink. When the reception ended at about 11pm, we went over to Sindy and Matt’s apartment to drink more. In our drunken state, we all made a pact to meet up again in Phuket. Gift and Gap promised they would find a better deal than Trisara!

I had so much fun at this wedding and I want to wish Sindy and Matt the best marriage ever as I truly believe they are the most beautiful people on earth.

For the wedding I opted to wear:

Camilla and Marc dress (Same colour different dress here which is think is quite beautiful and also here)

Forever New jacket (similar here and here)

Valentino Rockstud shoes

Chanel Reissue bag



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