Wedding – My Bridesmaid Dresses Arrived!

My Bridesmaid dresses arrived! To be honest, this wasn’t the dress I had in mind when I started looking for bridesmaid dresses. But as I continued searching, the dresses I saw just got more and more shocking. I can’t believe how ugly bridesmaid dresses are! So I made a rather quick decision to snap up these dresses from Zimmermann. Interestingly enough, even though Zimmermann is an Australian brand they don’t actually stock this particular style in this “Chili” color in Australia. I think it might only be available in America – both Shopbop and Saks stocks this particular dress. I even enquired with Zimmermann to see if they could put in a special order for me and the answer was no.

I’ve since tried this dress on and it is beautiful and quite well made. I’m sort of tempted to get one for myself but in this light grey mist color! Anyways, I’m just relieved that things worked out in the end and it’s one less thing to stress about!


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  1. The bridesmaid dresses you chose are great, Elle! If I were a bridesmaid, I would definitely want to wear these. Is this one of the colours in your colour scheme too?

    xo, alison*elle

    • Hey Alison Elle!! Thank you! I”m glad you like the dress too! =) I just thought if I was going to spend money I would rather spend it on something that they might wear again in the future and it would remind my besties that they played a big part on my special day =). I actually haven’t thought too much about color schemes but I think this might be the color i have to go with now!! =)


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