Fiddle Leaf Fig and Pop and Scott


This plant keeps popping up everywhere. They are in magazines, display homes, on my tumblr account – everywhere! Today I found out that this pretty little thing goes by the name “Fiddle Leaf Fig”. I don’t normally keep anything alive in the house because it always ends up dead. When I used to live in an apartment my fish committed suicide by jumping out of the window. You get the picture. Anyways, I went to a nursery today as I was determined to hunt down this plant so that I could have a reason to also buy that beautiful Aztec pot!

 2014-04-25 08.52.10 pm

I went to  Garden World on Springvale Road and this nursery is massive. You can easily spend the whole day there and lunch at their beautiful cafe. Who would have thought that I would be excited about plants? Old age. Old age. Sigh. So, my husband and I picked out 2 pots of Fiddle Leaf Fig. It really is a beautiful plant. I love the colour and also the texture of the leaves. We looked at it for about half an hour. Yup. Half hour. But we still could not decide which pot to take home. I mean, I seriously don’t know ANYTHING about plants and I don’t exactly trust J either. So we decided to find some assistance and boy am I glad I asked because not only did he help me with the plant he told me where I could buy that Aztec pot. It’s made by Pop and Scott, a creative workshop based in Northcote, Melbourne.





The pots are made from fibreglass which is a lot lighter than ceramic and hence easier to manoeuvre around the house. My friend managed to get the Chevron design at one of their stockists, Tait. However, there is a 12 week wait on all the other pots. 12 weeks for a bloody pot! I just want one now.


Fast forward a year and here is the progress on my plant and my pot:

Iceland in Summer-29



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