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Homewares and furniture were never really my thing. I was never the least bit interested. I used to go kitchenware shopping with mum and it was just such a bore. The biggest yawn ever. My interests were more self obsessive and didn’t really extend to anything that I couldn’t put on myself like clothes, shoes, bags and make up. But all that has since changed. 




Since getting married and moving into our own little home, ALL I look at now is homeware and furniture! All the blogs I now follow are home blogs. The Design Files and Rebecca Judd Loves are among my favourites. In my previous life, i.e. when I was living with my parents at home, I barely knew Country Road Home even existed. It’s that part of the shop where I just never made it into. Plus, why would ANYONE buy homeware from Country Road anyways? Just like, why would anyone buy anything from Zara Home? What is the point? If it’s not their main business then chances are they wouldn’t do it well, and you end up just paying for the brand. Even then, it ain’t no Villeroy and Boch.

So, back to my current life, I finally set foot into Country Road Home with my girlfriend for the first time ever last week. I must say I was really really impressed. Everything was laid out beautifully with a scandinavian tone. It was beautiful. I was drawn to everything from the plates to the cushions.

Here are a few items on my shopping list – waiting on a sale!

2014-02-11 09.49.01 pm

I loveeee these canisters. I’ve been looking for canisters with that organic kind of feel and so far all the ones I’ve found with a wooden lid are very hard to open and close. Opening and closing these ones was like a walk in the park. At the moment, I put my salt, sugar, cornflour (I know, I’m asian after all) and chilli flakes in these little canisters with a twisted lid and it is just a lot of effort twisting and untwisting the lids – not to mention I can’t even fit a little spoon in there for convenience. Whereas, these ones from Country Road comes in different sizes – I will probably opt for the 2nd smallest size. Just perfect.

2014-02-11 09.59.00 pm

I also love these tapas dinner plates. I went to a friend’s dinner party and she served a delicious rockling burger with a side of chips on these beautiful plates. It was just divine.

2014-02-11 09.46.19 pm

I am a big fan of natural stone and these marble platters are just too gorgeous. You can be creative with them – use it as a serving board, plate or a place mat – it is all up to you.



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