London town calling.


London is a city that I have a love hate relationship with. I love its liveliness yet I hate its traffic. I love the lush greens of Hyde park yet I dread the incessant rain. I love the lavish shopping yet I wish there wasn’t a sea of people. I love that the tube arrives every 3 minutes yet I would much prefer to just hop into my car. My relationship with London is certainly a confused one.

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UK Travel Post – Postcards from Historical Bath

Uk Bath 21

UK - Bath6

Uk Bath 20

Beautiful Bath. When we decided on Europe for our honeymoon we made it a point this time to spend more time in each city so that we could appreciate all that they have to offer. Whilst in London, we took a daytrip through the Somerset countryside and ended up at Bath, a UNESCO world heritage protected city full of Georgian architecture, stunning scenery, luxurious hotels and superb restaurants. Famous for its Roman period baths and Medieval heritage, it features hot springs that you can actually bathe in!

We dined at the Roman Baths Kitchen, where the food was simply delish. Situated directly opposite the bath house it might look like a tourist trap but the food was actually reasonably priced, which seemed to be a common theme on our honeymoon. Food prices in Australia are now so expensive that it made dining out in Europe (except Switzerland) seem ridiculously cheap.

If you have a bit of time in London I highly recommend paying Bath a visit. You can easily spend a day here, walking around its streets and taking in the gorgeous views. There’s even a fashion museum which provides a nice change from the norm!

My Outfit:


 a. A black overcoat - It is so important to have a good black overcoat when traveling during winter (or even summer for that matter in London!). You never know when the weather could turn, and an overcoat allows you to have several layers underneath including jumpers and thermals if required!

b. A lightweight jacket – A lightweight and stylish yet relatively warm jacket. Typically this can also be a blazer and can form one of your layers under your overcoat. If you take your coat off indoors at least you can still be wearing something nice to take photos in!

c. A white tee – Tees are so important when traveling! They are just so comfortable and you can wear thermals underneath your tees to stay extra warm. They are also easy to match with other items you pack. Personally, I always bring at least one in white, black and grey.

 d. A thin lightweight scarf – I used to bring thick scarves for traveling during winter but that was the biggest mistake. Whenever you go indoors, say a shopping centre for example *wink* you have to hold onto your scarf and it keeps falling everywhere. With a thin scarf you can just put it in your pocket or in your bag and in my opinion they can be equally warm without the bulk.

e. A comfortable pair of black jeans /leggings – Black black black!! The most versatile color for a pair of jeans! They can do casual but also typically look dressier than blue jeans. You can also get away with food stains which is handy as you may not always have laundry facilities!

f. A shoulder bag with a zip (and here) – Do not go traveling anywhere without a zip on your bag. You would be the easiest target. I used to travel a lot with the Long Champ Le Piliage bag but it just does not look that great. It is also quite thin so if you are targeted by thieves it is too easy to cut through. Nowadays I bring a light leather bag with a zip and one where I won’t feel terribly upset if stained hence a darker color is great.

g. Comfortable low heeled ankle booties (and here) – Saving the best for last – these are just the best thing ever invented. Comfortable, easy to walk in, stylish and goes with almost anything you pack – shorts, skirts, pants, dresses, ANYTHING!


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