Travel Post – Summer in Italy.



This time last year I was traveling with my boy and besties (there were 9 of us!) around the Amalfi Coast of Italy. We stayed at Sorrento and traveled along the dotted coast visiting all the little towns along the way.




My favorite was definitely Ravello. It is sooo amazingly picturesque! We also hired a boat and cruised around the island of Capri. Of course no trip to Capri is complete without taking in the amazing Grottos!

By the way here’s a top tip – if you’re in Sorrento and wanting to visit Amalfi or any of the other towns on the coast definitely try to catch a boat/ferry and avoid the bus. The narrow windy roads were not made for buses, and the motion-sick tourists on your bus ride will definitely be testament to that fact. More importantly however, you avoid the possibility of being stuck on the roadside watching in despair as bus after bus full of commuters passes you by not even stopping. Think Metro trains in the City Loop at peak hour and you’ll get what I mean.



Naturally a shopping stop at Milan was also on the itinerary – because things are cheaper compared to back home of course (or so I told my boy!) Another travel tip – as Milan is more of a commercial city, everyone goes on vacation during the Aug/Sept summer period. It’s completely dead which is great for shoppers as you will get all the customer service you want! Hence a Miu Miu bag followed me home!



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