Hair and Beauty – Fakie Strip Lashes

I rarely ever use false lashes as most of the time I just really can’t be bothered and it doesn’t feel comfortable on my eyes. But since getting my make up trial done for my wedding I’m really getting into false lashes! For my trial, I tried on the 120 Demi Black (first picture) which I was really happy with as it made my lashes looked really full but still natural. I’ve tried on a few other styles since then but these are still my favorite. They look a little weird and furry but they looked so good on my eyes. I’ve been trying to track them down online and found them on Madame Madeline.┬áIt is the first time I’ve purchased from the site and I bought a few pairs that are variations of the 120 Demi Black. I hope they arrive soon!


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  1. Love the first ones, very natural. Are these ardell brand?

    • Hi Bianca! Yes, they are Ardell =)

  2. Thanks! Just ordered some :)

    • Let me know what u think! Mine arrived already!! For some reasons i ended up with so many packs! I dont remember putting an order in for so many pairs!! Haha


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