Ask Me Anything Answered – Balenciaga Shoes!

Anonymous asked: Re: Balenciaga pumps – Hi, can you tell me what is the colour of your balenciaga pumps and the size you ? I saw the black one and this colour on the internet and can’t decide what colour to get.

Hi! I don’t actually own a pair of Balenciaga “pumps” (although I wish I do! =)) but I do have a pair of Balenciaga ballerinas if that’s what you’re referring to. I checked the box but it doesn’t say what the color is called. It looks like a light baby blue color. The size of my ballerinas is 36. To be honest, you can’t go wrong with black, it is so versatile and you can match it with every single item in your wardrobe. I think the light blue color that I have is very pretty and I do love the color but it is not the easiest color to match with my clothing. I find that it clashes with  colored patterned and print tops. However, if you already have many pairs of classic black ballerinas then why not go for something different?

Hope this helps! =)



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